T.J. JAZZ Resume

      From Massachusetts to her Landing in Madrid 4 years ago, this young dame of vocal jazz has worked with a number of artists, delighting audiences on the Madrid Jazz scene (Bogui Jazz, Café el Despertar, Café Berlín, El Plaza Copas, El Rincón del Are Nuevo, Le Swing Jazz Club, Sala Clamores, Madrid Int'l Jazz Festival). A promoter of integration of music and dance she created the Tap and Swing Jam Session in El Junco Jazz Club the first and only Jam Session of its style in the entire country and is the director of the Mad Tap Fest The tap dance festival of Madrid.

This vocalist and multi-talented artist continues to gain terrain and public. Her formation in Performing arts, Dance and with the vocalist Giacomo Gates has opened the way for her to develop her abilities abroad via collaborations in the Dominican Republic, France, Germany and various Regions of Spain like Galicia, La Rioja, Soria, Albacete y throughout Andalucía.

Although T.J. Jazz is involved in various projects, her preferred terrain is jazz and has all of the charisma it takes to unite grand musicians in this adventure from her mini big band to an intimate session with her curious Contradúo.
T.J. Jazz is a refreshing and surprising American jazz vocalist, with exquisite vocal versions of the jazz classics. The delicate nuances in her solid interpretations transmit the essence early nineteenth century jazz culture. The informal climate of her concerts is the guarantee of an evening full of quality music that will be enjoyable for jazz lovers as well as those who've yet to discover the magic of jazz. Undoubtedly, a truly unique experience on the current jazz scene.

Updated:  November 11, 2011

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