Ryan Mccaffrey Resume

      Ryan began playing Piano at the age of 8, taking up Clarinet at 12 and a keen interested through music all his life. He studied through all the grades obtaining A* at GCSE and taking up Saxophone and Flute before going on to study Jazz at Birmingham Conservatoire. There he completed a four year degree under the tuition of leading jazz artists including Liam Noble, Mike Williams, Julian Siegel, Arnie Somogyi, and Jean Toussaint.

It was in his final year he decided to create his own album The Connection which mixes Acoustic Drum & Bass, Afro- Cuban, Funk and Jazz seamlessly together in a unique blend of originality. After graduating, he has lived in London and has performed in many different settings including pubs, restaurants, clubs, radio stations, halls and festivals in the UK, Norway and Russia.

He has held residencies in Birmingham, London and Norfolk where he currently resides and taught in many different establishments to people of all ages and abilties.

Please feel free to contact him on 07919025260 or send an email to ryan.mccaffrey@hotmail.co.uk if ytou wish to get in touch.

Updated:  February 27, 2011

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