Salt & Pepper Resume

      Salt and Pepper
TRIO group:
There's something about Salt & Pepper..What is it then……

Proving that music has no borders,salt&pepper Brings together influences from distant lands & generations to create harmonious power acoustic feel.
From folk,Jazzy renditions,blues to alternative country rock to the new millennium,Salt and pepper has chosen a diverse,unique,yet recognizable song list.Something for everyone…..Salt and pepper is a band that uses only wood sound as a base to deliver a lush acoustic sound.
Anna Minnette L. Grimalt on lead vocals & Bass Guitars,
Charlie T. Jaguros on vocals & Acoustic lead Guitars and
Macario G. Domingo Mini Drum kit and/or Kajun+percussions to boot (lots of it if he may add..Congas,Bongos)..All these combined creates an undoubtedly percussive sound…

Updated:  March 1, 2011

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