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I have started my experience in music very early, I’ve studied theory and practice with great icons of music and I got specialized in wind instruments, harmony and improvisation. I’ve presented myself professionally with orchestras and Big Bands including Plays (musicais), and with great foreign interpreters.

Academic - Music

Saxophone and Clarinet - Professor
Eduardo Pecci (Lambari) - School of Music New Time (SP)

Flute - Conservatoire Municipal de So Caetano do Sul

Arranging, Harmony, Orchestration and Conducting - Prof. Maestro Cludio Leal Ferreira

Improvisation - Prof. David Richards

Improvisation - Naylor Azevedo (cylinder)

Rhythmic assessment, perception, structure, harmony, piano complement
- Fundao das Artes - Sao Caetano do Sul

Workshops - Branford
Marsalis, Eric Mariental, Lee Konits, Dilson Florencio and others.


2nd Grade - School Prof. Yolanda Ascncio - So Caetano do Sul
Technical Industrial Design ETE Julio de Mesquita – Santo Andre

Experience Abroad

Weeklong – University Louisville, Kentucky – USA

Improvisation course whit Jamey Aebersold, David Baker, Gary Campbell, Jim Snidero, Antonio Hart, Pat Harbison and others.
June and July 2008


Portuguese - native

English - Intermediate


Office suite and applications-oriented music

Encore (scores)





Princpal experience as a musician and sideman – not chronological order.

• Soweto – Brazilian pop music (samba) – 1999 – saxes and flute

• Gian & Giovanni - brazilian “country music” - 1992-1997 saxes and flute

• Symphonic Band of the State of Sao Paulo - from 1989 to 1992 – Alto sax (second shelf)

• Work developed with artists of popular music: Dalvan, Peninha , Malcolm Roberts and others- Pop music- Alto, Soprano sax and flte – around 1987 to 1990

• Monitoring recitalists: Arthur Moreira Lima, Antonio Guedes Barbosa, Amaral Vieira, Lelo Nazario, Edmundo Vilani and others- Classical music - Alto sax. Around 1989 - 1992

• Duo with pianist Luciano Filho of eclectic repertoire for events – Alto, Tenor, Soprano Baritone and flute. Around 1990 - 2000

• Method for Saxophone - individual work includes transcriptions of solos from saxophonists as Cannonball Adderley, Sony Stitt, Kenny Garrett and Phil Woods. 2009

• Beat Studio - Limeira (SP) - recordings, arrangements for jingles, stickers, CDs and tracks

• City of So Caetano do Sul (Department of Culture) - Project "Art on the Street".

• Band of Spanish singer Montserrat- Alto,Tenor, Soprano and flute CD- Anoranza – saudade

Record- Som Livre. 2003

• Educator of the "Guri" by the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Sao Paulo, "Polo Unibes".

December 2004 – July 2006

-Big Band of the Musical “CHICAGO” – Alto, soprano, piccolo and clarinet (first shelf)

April 2004 / December 2004

• Orchestra of the Musical "The Phantom of the Opera" - flute and clarinet (Second shelf)

April 2005 / September 2006

• Big Band by Suite Charity (musical show) - alto sax, piccolo, clarinet and flute (first shelf),

October 2006 / December 2006.

• Zez de Camargo e Luciano – brazilian country Music – Tenor, soprano and flute

• Concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rio Claro – Alto, soprano and Tenor saxes

• Philharmonic Orchestra and big band "CVA" in Penapolis. Alto sax (first shelf)

• Symphony Orchestra in concert USP "Americas" - alto sax ( "Early Momo" by Villa-Lobos and "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin)

• Participated in the Premio Nabor Pires Camargo 2003 version with his own compositions (ChoroTriste) where he was ranked among the 12 (twelve) best performers on their instruments.

• On hearing the Conservatorio Souza Lima ran a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music (USA), which awarded prize money for performance.

Classified for the Orquestra Jazz Sinfonica do Estado de Sao Paulo – First substitute for altosax

January 2009

Orchestra of the Musical “CATS” – So Paulo April/ 2010 to October/2010 Tenor sax, flute and Clarinet (first shelf).

Experience as an educator

Performance of functions for 15 years, between the private education at home and in schools of music.

In social projects, taught to children and adolescents

CurSom - Music School - Santo Andr (SP)
Group AMA School of Music - Higienpolis (SP)

Project “Guri” - Unibes (SP)

Updated:  March 16, 2011

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