Chuck Traubman Resume

      I was born and raised in New Jersey and have lived here my entire life. I took up the bass guitar at the age of 15 and have not put it down since. I learn by ear and am great for cover bands looking for a high energy bass player that can sound exactly like the record. I tend to like more danceable higher energy music since that gets people on the dance floor and having fun. I have played in numerous bands and for the past few years have been heavily involved with two. One of which I am no longer a part of so my schedule has opened up.

I am looking mainly for an established band looking for a bass player. The right start up band could capture my attention too. I tend to blend well with younger players as well as people my age since I like the newer music in addition to the classic stuff. Since I am divorced with no children I can play pretty much whenever.

My gear includes G&L 4/5 String Basses thru a bi-amp system for great sound quality. I want to keep this short so please send me any questions about my past, my current needs and what I would like to do in the future.

Updated:  March 10, 2011

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