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U.S.A. Available and 110% Ready, Committed & Determined!

I am looking for work opp. in the USA (US company or as a freelancer) as a:

- Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist (Artists/TV/Movie/Videogames/Websites)
- Sideman (Guitar or Bass) for a working (touring/writing/recording) Band or Artist (Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, Hard Rock, diff. kinds of Metal, Punk...)
- Guitar player for a Musical, Theater or Studio Work

- Guitar-, Bass-, Music Teacher


a temp. job as a:
- guitar, bass, music teacher/instructor or band coach etc. in a summer (music) camp/rock camp in the USA
- job as driver in the USA

If you have anything to offer please contact me asap. (unlimited work permission)!


- Study and graduation at the Musicians Institute/GIT
- Prof. self employed musician/songwriter/composer/teacher
- Played in original (and a few cover) bands
- Own 6-piece band & solo acoustic concerts (GASOLINE)
- Sideproject 'Twitch Angry' (Sacramento): Lead-Guitar Player at the 'MonsterFest 2010' in Merced, CA.
- Sideprojet 'Syria' - Indie CD releases ('96/'97, '08, '09, '10), club tour
- Signed Music Licensing Agreement with a Prod. Company/Music Library in the U.S.-with clients such as the 'Discovery Channel', 'MTV Network', 'A&E Network' and film credits such as 'American Gangster', 'The Bourne Ultimatium'.
- Part of the internal catalog of the 'Discovery Channel'


- Highly motivated for a job in the USA
- Long standing experience in playing, writing/composing and teaching
- Guitar-, bass and music teacher with students of all ages with a growing reputation (state approved)
- Band coach and head/coach of a jazz-fusion ensemble with some of my top students (county contest winner)
- Teaching kids/students of all ages and social backgrounds
- Handling difficult situations with kids/students of different social backgrounds
- Fast learner, positive thinking, encouraging attitude

Updated:  March 20, 2011

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