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      Stephen Bell - Resume
County Down, Northern Ireland

I am a musician based in Ballywalter, Couny Down, Northern Ireland. I have been performing in various bands for 15 years and composinging professionally for 4 years. In between that I teach a variety of instruments including Flute, Guitar, Piano, and Drums.

Performance highlights:
London Hammersmith Apollo, Peace Rally 2004
Belfast Ulster Hall 1999 - 2010
BBC Belfest 2005

I have performed in a variety of ensembles such as Flute Orchestra, Male voice Choir, Traditional Folk group, Rock Group, and well as many solo performances. In doing so I have experience in playing and singing a wide range of music styles, such as; Folk, Pop, Classical, Dance, Rock, Blues. These performances involved playing cover versions and many of my own compositions.

I have written many pieces for theatre and film as well as to writing, arranging and perform my own songs for various different groups involving wide ranging instrumentation, from flute octet, four part vocal harmony, traditional folk, and 5 piece rock ensemble. I also have experience writing for theatre and film which involves composing music which matches the mood of the story line, as well as working within a team of artists and actors to ensure that all parts of the production work well together.

Key Theatre and Film projects include
The Heights (Stage play) 2008
The Package (Film) 2004
A Reason To Believe (Stage play) 2009

Sound Design
I have also worked as a Sound Designer for theatre projects which involved creating sound effects and employing them during live stage plays. This involved using various software programs such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton

I have taught music privately for 15 years ); and have accumulated vast experience in working with pupils of all ages and abilities. This has included tuition in Flute, Irish Whistle, Recorder, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano. I also teach music Theory and prepare pupils for the Music Aural exams.

I currently work from a small home studio and have vast experience of many types of software including, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Audacity, Abelton, Xpand, Reason

My Audio Diary 2011 (MAD 2011) -
This year I have embarked upon what I believe will be my most challenging project to date (and that is proving to be the case). I have decided to write and record a song every day of this year. For this project I will also perform everything myself. I am hoping that this project will improve my abilities as a performer, producer, arranger and songwriter; while my overall aim is to achieve a publishing contract for some/all of the songs written.

Updated:  March 22, 2011

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