Bourbon The Master Of Disaster Van Darvé Resume

I am an entertainer / troubadour. Since 1987 I have been fortunate to entertain happy people in pubs, bars & restaurants in both Europe and Africa (in fact).

In about 2 years I have taken it easy with gigs and has entertained at bars and the like quite moderate. But here we go again! I want down in europe again. I have never played in Holland, Belgium or France. So now I thought I take my instruments down to the tulips, wine & EP countries.

For the millennium... I got a chance to something very exotic for me. Play in Africa! I'm on an international restaurant in Agadir, Morocco. It was exciting when I got to play for high elevated (:-D) Europeans and Americans, sheikhs and princes. This led to, me an old moth-eaten troubadour got the invitation to all possible events by princes and sheikhs. And they actually had humor.Though I was told not to go too close or talk or otherwise destroy their meal. But ... I am European and if I want to have some fun ... I have fun.
The highlights of my career.

I have played in pubs, restaurants, festivals, television, radio, etc.
I have played all over europe. For après ski, corporate events, outdoorvenues and small local places. And it has just been a fun trip.

Updated:  March 28, 2011

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