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Self-taught pianist, at twelve he starts making his first experiments in electronic music and computer music, which will lead him to form several ensembles of modern music (i.e. DrinkwaterBand) with such points of reference as Stockhausen, Cage and Zappa. He then studies composition and didactics with Maestro Rusticucci (promoter of the method named ‘Growing Up with Music'), with whom he has collaborated in the field of musical education and pedagogy as well; besides, he studies flute with maestri Andreani (ancient music), Jousdottic and Adami (classical music) andNicola Stilo (Jazz). After getting the ‘Liceo Classico' school-leaving certificate, he attends the DAMS (Department of Music and Performing Arts) in Bologna, directing his studies towards musical education and anthropology.Musicological exams taken at the DAMS: History of Music; Methodology of Musical Education; Semiotics of Music; History of Medieval Music; History of Contemporary Music; Philosophy of Music; Psychology of Music; History of Musical Instruments; Ethnomusicology; Afro-American Musical Culture.

1998 - Laboratory of musical informatics and new technologies at the Electronic Music Studios of the Conservatory of Bologna (maestro Camilleri) and at the Fonoprint recording studios; Advanced seminar on problems and aspects of the twentieth-century music coordinated by Raffaele Pozzi.

2000 - Seminar meeting with Goran Bregovic "Balkan Melodies between Cinema and Music"; Laboratory of electroacoustic composition with Tristain Murail and Salvatore Sciarrino; Summer courses of the Berklee College of Music of Boston held in Perugia during Umbria Jazz: he studies flute with Matt Marvuglio, improvisation with Mark White, composition with Orville Wright and Greg Hopkins, and takes part in the extraordinary seminars of Winton Marsalis, James Moody and Gary Burton.

2001 - He wins a scholarship of $5000 awarded by the Boston 's Berklee College of Music to the most praiseworthy musicians at the clinics held in Perugia (Umbria Jazz 2001), when he studies with Matt Marvuglio, Dave Clark, Jim Oldridge, Mark White and Jeff Stout. Among his personal researches there are studies in the so-called "descriptive" music of composers such as Carl Stalling and Scott Bradley, studies in medieval music and music for films. He takes his Jazz degree with full marks at Pesaro 's Conservatory, where he's studying Arrangement and Composition with Bruno Tommaso and Gian Marco Gualandi, Jazz Flute and Improvisation with Giulio Visibelli, History of Jazz Music with Stefano Zenni , Electronic Music with Eugenio Giordani, Piano with Enzo Veddovi. He is now perfecting his flute technique at the same Conservatory with M° Fulvio Farnedi. He's also taken private lessons with the great saxophonist David Liebman and with the guitarist Augusto Mancinelli .

Most recent works

From 1996 to 1999 he is involved in the musical direction of the shows of ‘Stella' theatrical company (Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola, Forza Venite Gente, Beauty and the Beast).His passion for musicals leads him to meet Pietro Garinei and to run his internet website up to the year 2001.From 2000 he collaborates with Carlo Gargioni (formerly arranger and keyboard player for Fabio Concato, Ornella Vanoni and Angelo Branduardi) as an author and arranger, recording several production music cds, broadcasted on radio RAI and Mediaset. music for movies and tv From 2001 he performs with Fulvio Rusticucci, a classical guitarist, with whom he originates the duo called ‘Re Lear', proposing original music for transverse flute and classical guitar, inspired by medieval music and celtic music.From 2002 he becomes a member of the DAMS Jazz Orchestra conducted by Teo Ciavarella, performing at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna and at Umbria Jazz, and recording a tribute cd to Stevie Wonder, “Wonderland”.From 2004 he works in the musical direction of the shows of ‘Ritmosfera' theatrical company (Disney's Magical Musical Moments , On Broadway). He's now collaborating as a Musical Consultant for Musicals and Musical Comedies, with several Italian and foreign companies (among the shows, there are: Evita, the Lion King, Grease, Cats, West Side Story, Se il Tempo Fosse un Gambero, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cabaret, Rugantino, Notre Dame de Paris). From 2003 he collaborates with Annalisa Corni's Dreamstudios, producing and recording adverts and jingles. In 2004 he composes the music for the independent movie “The Mongol King” ( USA ). In 2005 he sets up the ‘Eccetera' Cultural Association, which promotes and carries out original projects dealing with theatre and music. From 2004 he is the artistic director and the promoter of festival. In 2003 he brings to life the Brookolino Project, a Jazz band, and performs with Stefano Belisari (Elio e le Storie Tese) in 2005 for a tribute concert of the 1930's-40's italian song. In 2005 he establishes the Odd Times Quintet (among their projects: a show with original

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