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I began playing drums in 1994.  I had already started trying to write song lyrics, but it has only been in the past two years that I have begun to consistently write lyrics that I think are pretty good.

From 1995-2004 I played in four rock bands and with several recording and performing projects.  One of my college bands, Pilot, has a Facebook page with audio tracks and video clips

My most productive recording has been with a project called Letters On Mountains in Salt Lake City beginning in 2002.  A video of us recording the base tracks for one of our songs is here:

We performed with a string trio as "The Intermissions" at the Utah Arts Festival in June 2004:

Letters on Mountains ended when I went to grad school and I haven't played much since.

Over the past year I've been writing songs.  So far I've got over 50 in progress, with about a dozen in a fairly cohesive state.  I'll post sketches of them soon.  Since I have no extra money to spend on this, I use the free version of Anvil Studio with cheap VST, so the sketches sound goofy.

Updated:  April 8, 2011

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