Nicholas Randolph Venceil Resume

Born. 1978 Memphis, TN. Nick Venceil was reared in West Texas on a horse and cattle ranch, graduating high school in 1996. He was a Liberace Scholar at West Texas A&M University while studying theatre performance. In 1998 he enrolled in KD Conservatory of the Southwest studying Applied Art. 1999 was the year he relocated to New York City, New York, as a student of performance art at the American Musical & Dramatic Academy. After leaving New York within a year Nick Venceil traveled the United States Coast to Coast. Hollywood, then Utah, then New Mexico, Dallas, Mrtyle Beach, Gatlinburg, Tennessee and to New York once again... It was during this second relocation to New York City when Original Songwriting and Musical Performance began to take shape.
Through the years as an actor on stage Nick Venceil used guitar and songwriting in some of his character development, preparations, creative exploring, and thought management.

"...There is a certain peacefulness in my writing and songs. No matter the subject or emotional content of the work... the process herself makes me feel as if I just came home Spiritually...if not for anything else." -Nick Venceil January, 2011.

Songwrighting has been a part of his work for over a decade. Now primarily his focus is musical and songwriting development as well as collaboration and performance in the Studio and Live... He resides in Missouri.

Updated:  April 20, 2011

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