SSEMPEKE AMADINDA QUARTET is a  Ugandan orchestra playing traditional instruments and creating a new take on Traditional  folk music.Was formed around the arts center in Kampala, being initiated by Albert Bisaso Ssempeke, the son of the late Dr Albert Ssempeke who was  a Ugandan veteran Musician and  Musician who played a big role in promoting and preserving Ugandan Traditional Music and who had Knowledge of  former Music traditional of the Kingdom of Buganda. Bisaso Ssempeke is now a manger the few contemporary Musicians  in Uganda today. thereafter  studied this music from his father. Bisaso has since become a well-respected musician and expert on Uganda and Buganda  Culture,Dance and Music . Bisaso Albert continues to carry forward the traditional of Kiganda Music  that have  been passed down through his talented Family for generations.

Bisaso plays a Variety of Traditional Music Ugandan Instruments, including Amadinda (long-xylophone),Endigidi (one string Bowed lute),Endongo (Bow lyre) Akogo (thambpiano), Ndere (flute) etc.

Currently Bisaso resides in Kampala, Uganda. He plays with a Variety of Bands and Musicians a round the City on a regular basis and He does private Teaching on traditional music instruments and Dance movements to those interested. 

Our Quartet  performs  occasionally   on Kabaka's events in the palace and also performs  on many events like world music day which usually organized by French Culture Center in Kampala and also international music festivals like BAYIMBA International festival of Music and Arts  in 2009 and 2010 .

In the year 2003 December, our quartet  was invited to perform on birthday of Gyogy Liget who was Germany Classical  composers and  performed alongside Philharmonic orchestral in Berlin. In 2004, Ensemble was again invited to perform in Austria on the birth of Professor Gerhard Kubik and  performed at the opening of the enthnomusicologist symposium on African Perspective pre colonial History.

2009.We recieved 2 invitations to represent Buganda royal Court Music in Paris and  Amsterdam. in Paris we performed at the Head Quoter's of the  French Cultural Center and Music Festival at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (Amsterdam

Updated:  April 24, 2011

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