Soft Síderal Resume

      Soft Síderal. Mexico. 2004 - 2011
by Aiks Labs...

Quikos Sideral works with Nimbocumulus, Haikus for Valerie, Doppler, un salvaje mexicano and more artists.

First LP "Balance"... 2005
10 tracks of downtempo, chillout, electronic pop, electric bossa, electronic new age.

Now is finishing "la r "... EP
3 tracks of sensual electronic music. "la r de tu garganta", "mermaid´s wish" and "au petit biscuit au petit fromage"
electronic, soft house and chill.

The new LP "finaly outside".. .... july 2011... soon.....¡¡¡¡ the new sound of soft síderal.

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Soft Síderal

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In Aiks Labs we have a collective: "desterroniq". We make live electronic performance of all our indiviual proyects...
Soft Síderal, Nimbocumulus, Convertikal, and original songs made by desterroniq as a collective.
you can find us in all social networks on internet.
facebook / soundcloud/ myspace / twitter/ youtube

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saludos a todos¡¡¡

Updated:  April 30, 2011

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