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Lyrics I wrote randomly one day as I was feeling poetic while reading a novel...

I imagine a woman singing this, it would be a†slow-mid speed song, possibly more than one singer would be needed for†a perfect melody

Chorus is highlighted

Lost Passion

When we touch

Our Passion Erupts

Nothing here can hold us back

The world around us fades to black

Your kiss is fire, Youíre touch brings flames

My heart speeds up as I scream your name

Free me of this need I am chained with,

Help me reach full ecstasy

The heat is kissing at my skin

Help me see this lustful sin

All thoughts have melted away

Your body moves for what you crave

Yet even still I am captured by your grace

Your ghost-like kisses lightly cover my face

You move your body in sync with mine

Grazing skin feels so divine

Oh please darling please,

Help me reach full ecstasy

The heat is licking at my skin

My body is aching please let me in

The night is short

And then the day begins

Tearing apart our short-lived love

Sends me praying to whatís up above

I need you so much, like I need the air

Without you my life is only despair

Why is life so suffocating?

Help me reach full ecstasy

The heat is burning at my skin

My body is aching my sanity is wearing thin

I miss your touch where could you be?

I need you, I love you, canít you see?

When will we be finally free?

Updated:  April 29, 2011

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