Jeffrey Dennis Lutz Resume

       I have been playing guitar since the age of 18, starting with heavy-metal but now I enjoy the classical guitarat home and also live (weddings, funerals, background, etc. either acoustically or with an amplifier and P.A. system for very large venues).
I have played full-time in a road band and done studio and TV gigs for many regionally-known people. For my own compositions I utilize my home studio which employs PARIS hardware and software. I enjoy jamming with friends and listening to music ranging from classical to bluegrass to heavy rock.
As a single act, my strength is my ability to get the crowd going, a way-huge unheard of set list variety, and crystal clear sound. I have been asked to play a six-month stint in the Cayman Islands and solicited by a London agent for gigs in 5-star hotels around the world and on cruise ships. I play electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, mandolin, and bass. My sound is definitely not "loungy"; it is full-bodied so the rock sounds like rock and the country sounds very danceable! I consider each resort, casino, bar, venue, pool party, or social I have provided the entertainment for as a reference. The person(s) who utilize my services have absolute and complete control over volume.

My sound system is more "cutting edge" than "state of the art" as much of the equipment I have has been painstakingly researched and hand-picked. I run in stereo (most acts are still only using mono equipment) and utilize a completely automated (ie. motorized volume faders, effects, etc.) mixing board which allows me to fade out some songs, use reverb on the drums in certain songs (ie. the percussion breaks in Midnight Oil's "Beds Are Burning"), and create special effects (ie. the lo-fidelity, flanged break in Tim McGraw's "Last Dollar"). My monitoring is an in-ear wireless system, just like superstars use, which means I do not have feedback problems, even when using my lush-sounding studio mic.
My main effects unit provides high end echo, reverb, and slap-back effects on the vocals. These are automatically bypassed via the computer for between-song joking around and banter.
My guitar amplifier very accurately replicates most any other, which means the guitar sound changes to match each song. It switches settings automatically to go from a rhythm volume to a lead sound or from a twangy tone to a distorted sound, allowing me the freedom to go into the crowd with the wireless guitar and not have to worry about changing tones by being tied to a foot pedal. The drum machine also changes its sounds and volumes based on the song being played.
A dedicated, Canadian-designed harmonizer allows me to do 3-part harmonies and follows whatever lyrics I sing. The lighting colours switch automatically in time to each song via the computer's sequencer. I have actual guitar recorded into a sampler which provide a rhythm guitar on a number of the rockier songs.
All these techie details are more or less transparent to the customers. What they boil down to is absolutely great, full band sound and excitement. Although I like to eat cheese, I DON'T enjoy listening to it!!!

Updated:  February 27, 2013

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