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The Vibes are a band from the UK who work on contracts abroad.

What we are about is bringing energy to your venue and creating a party atmosphere. We play a big range of music to suit all tastes and make sure everyone gets up on their feet!

Always performing with bucket loads of enthusiasm, The Vibes play both modern hits and all the party classics from the past 50 years. No matter what decade you were born in there will be something for everyone!

The Vibes have extensive live experience in the UK and Europe, we have played everywhere from our local pub to corporate parties in the South of France. We put maximum effort into every event that we do and maintain a professional attitude wherever we are. We have had nothing but great reviews from every event we have played and get re-booked again and again.

Most importantly, The Vibes will turn any night into a party!">

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The Vibes have experience working abroad and on cruise ships.

Previous clients include : Celebrity Cruises, DFDS Seaways, Toyota, Ikea, Top Golf, Nike Group, Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy, British Army and many more!


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The Vibes have worked with many different musicians over the past 6 years. We have a catalogue of singers, sax players, guitarists, horn players and many more! 


The Vibes are available for NYE 2014 and onwards

The Vibes are currently booked on DFDS seaways October 2013, Celebrity Cruise line from December 2013 - May 2014. They are booked for weddings, parties, short cruise contracts and other events from June 2014 - August 2014 in the UK and are back with Celebrity from September 21st - November 23rd. To find out more about our experience please go to our past clients page.


Updated:  April 13, 2014

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