E. Ronnie Cato Resume

      Education - BM in Composition,CSUEB Minor in Clarinet Performance- 4 years as a Instrumental Music Teacher in the Hayward School District- 4 years Private Clarinet Instruction. He has studied with composers Rafael Hernandez and Dr. Frank Larocca. He has played in various ensembles under the tutelage of Prof. Timothy Smith, Prof. Dave Eshelman, Dr. Wesley Broadnax, Dr. Johannes Wahlman, and Dr. Buddy James. He has studied clarinet with Prof. William Wohlmacher and Prof. Diane Maltester. Ronnie... has performed and been featured with various music ensembles, including Living Space, and has played with the Fremont Starstruck Theater performances in the Bay Area. He is an accomplished composer, singer/songwriter, musician, music promoter, sound engineer, and teacher. Last Year in 2009, his concert band piece was premiered in Carnegie Hall in New York. He has taught at various schools throughout the Bay Area since 2006 in music and serves as the current Orchestra director at Mt. Eden High School.

Updated:  May 17, 2011

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