La Dolce Vita Ensemble La Dolce Vita Ensemble Resume

      La Dolce Vita Ensemble is formed by young international artists who basically arrange the evergreen popular Italian and Neapolitan song of the 50-60s, that repertoire well-known and appreciated by many generations worldwide.
"La Dolce Vita" intends in this way to get back the desire of hope of the Italian generation survived the ordeal of the World War II, to remember Federico Fellini' s movie soundtracks, and Italian actors such as Mastroianni, Totò, Sordi, Gassman and Sophia Loren.
The trio repertoire considers than jazz and romances in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and German. The violin-piano duo plays also improvisations, baroque, classic, and romantic music. La Dolce Vita has already performed in Saint Petersburg (Russia) at the presence of the Italian Consul Faiti Salvatori for the 150 anniversary of the Italian Unification and held a concert for the "Russia-Italia Association" sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture.

Updated:  May 24, 2011

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