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International Summer Academy of Performing Arts was born from a cultural and educational need directed to the professional study of music. We intend to break the barriers between artists and audience, through a unique presentation of artists and their art. We also intend to show to the young musicians who may, like their idols make a career, through hard work, dedication, but also respect and collaboration with colleagues, that’s why we have an orchestra summer academy too. The whole team was selected for their professional level, but also personal qualities. They are great musicians, with great careers and successes, but also with great professional integrity.

Objectives of the International Summer Academy of Performing Arts

We find relevant the importance of diversify the training experience. The student’s contact with teachers and musicians of recognized artistic and educational value allows the enrichment of learning, helps to get different perspectives, forming ways for academic success and future professional career.

We will:

• Provide students contact with different teachers and teaching methodologies;
• Promote contacts that allow to extend the range of choice for further study, within or outside the country;
• Encouraging the exchange of experiences between teachers and students;
• Contribute to technical and artistic development of students;
• Share individual and collective experiences;
• Promote the work done by students;
• Encourage progress in learning;

Along with the cultural and educational value, the International Academy of Performing Arts seeks to present a more rustic Portugal, with mysterious landscapes, where the choice of the location show a bit of the culture and tradition of many different places.

Updated:  May 27, 2011

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