Plamenka Trajkovska Resume

       Plamenka Trajkovska is professional violin player graduated at FMU at the class of Prof. Mihajlo Kufojanakis. During her education Plamenka was a solo player within the Macedonian Philharmonic orchestra, a participant in the Vojvodina Youth philharmonic, Yugoslav youth orchestra and participate in many international seminars of well known violin pedagogues as E. Chugaeva, A.Kunakov and D. Markovich.

Since 1994 she has been a full-time member of a Macedonian Philharmonic orchestra until to day. In 1996 she was a concert-master in a Baroque evening being organized by French Cultural center. Last few year she has been working as a member of a string quartet ,,Marija”, member of chamber ensemble ,,Virtus”, ,,Skopje soloists”, as well as a member of the folk group ,,Kelticum”. She also works in the duo,,Talija” - violin and piano and made concerts in the famous concert room Cite des Art’s in Paris, France concerts in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Macedonia.

Plamenka Trajkovska also created and performed music for few theater performances and in 2008 she started to compose her own songs for solo violin and is a composer of the first macedonian CD in pop classical stile ,,Twinkles,, for solo violin promoted in 2009.

Plamenka Trajkovska also perform and has a great friends as embassies of foreign countries in Macedonia, official representatives in Macedonia and companies and performed on different multimedia performances and corporate events.

In 2010 Plamenka Trajkovska is a promotor of the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin,s birth in Macedonia and performed series of concerts in Macedonia.

In 2011 Plamenka created a Tango trio to prepare and create concerts with traditional and modern tango music as well as she started a new collaboration with the pianist Vesna Tasevska.

Perform on violin Joh .Bapt. Sweitzer from 1813.

Updated:  June 2, 2011

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