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      Angelo Conto is a pianist, composer and author. Classically and jazz trained, he performs in solo, duo and more extended combos, playing jazz standards, brasilian music and original tunes.
He has taken part in the realization of events based on his original projects at: Modern Art Gallery (Torino), Invenzioni a due voci (RaiRadio3), Festival di Nuova Musica “Contemporanea” (Udine), International Music and Dance Festival Interplay (Torino), International Jazz Music Festival of Petrozavodsk (Russia), Aosta Classica, FolkClub (Torino), Festival Internazionale del cinema muto musicato dal vivo (Aosta), Biennial of the Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterraen (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina).
He has took part to readings with writers Elena Varvello and Emiliano Poddi, and to live soundtrack of the silent movie Dog Shy by Leo McCarey with Alessandra Patrucco.
He has participated in musical theatre and dance theatre productions at: Piccolo Regio (Torino), La Biennale Teatro di Venezia, Teatro Carignano (Torino), Teatro Due (Parma), Teatro Ariosto (Reggio Emilia), Stalker Teatro/ Caos Officina per lo Spettacolo e l'Arte Contemporanea (Torino), Teatro Baretti (Torino), with, amongst others: Andrea Chenna, Davide Livermore, Giorgio Rossi, Alessandro Certini, Werewere Liking, Zerehoule Pehoula, Gabriele Boccaccini.
He has played with Alessandra Patrucco, Ernst Reijseger, Michael Vatcher, Wilbert De Joode, Paul van Kemenade, Brodie West, Simone Bosco, Simone Mauri, Antonio Borghini, Cristiano Calcagnile, Carlo Actis Dato, Dario Bruna, Giulio Martino, Zeno De Rossi, Tito Mangialajo, Carlo Virzi, Igor Sciavolino, Cristiano Godano, Alberto Cesa & Cantovivo and many others.
He has been member of the art collective Musica Urgente and of the MUOrchestra with whom he has recorded, as pianist and co-arranger, the cd “Duke Ellington 6.01”, released in 2008 for MURecords.
He is currently teaching acoustics and psicoacoustics at Conservatorio “L. Campiani” at Mantova and Conservatorio “G. Nicolini” at Piacenza.

Updated:  June 5, 2011

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