Leonard Ticu Ion Resume

Phone nr: +4.0239.623797-home +4.0723.432906-mobile E-mail:leokeysroland@yahoo.com Permanent address:Str.Furnicii nr.1,Braila,Romania. Experience.2009-2011.Piano Bar Entertainer in BELFAST IRISH PUB,HEAVEN'S PUB and ANTIK restaurant from Braila.Romania. 6.04.2009-1.11.2009.MS/AMADEUS SYMPHONY-duo musician-LUFTNER CRUISES 1.06.2008-1.11.2008.MS/AMADEUS-duo musician-LUFTNER CRUISES 15.11.2006-30.03.2007.MV/LE PONANT-piano entertainer-ILLES DU PONANT 12.05.2005-2.10.2005.MV/JASON-show band-OLYMPIC SHORT CRUISES 11.11.2003-2.01.2004.MTS/OLYMPIA VOYAGER-trio musician-ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISES 16.11.2002-30.04.2003.MTS/OLYMPIA VOYAGER-trio musician-ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISES 5.04.2002-31.10.2002.MTS/OLYMPIC COUNTESS-trio musician-ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISES 2.05.2001-15.11.2001.MTS/OLYMPIC COUNTESS-trio musician-ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISES 14.11.2000-25.04.2001.MTS/OCEAN MAJESTY-trio musician-MAJESTIC CRUISES 16.04.2000-15.10.2000.MV/STELLA OCEANIS-duo musician-ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISES 7.12.1999-01.02.2000.MV/JASON-duo musician-EPIROTIKY LINES 30.09.1999-4.12.1999.MV/PRINCESS DANAE-duo musician-CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL CRUISES 22.04.1999-21.05.1999.MV/PRINCESS DANAE-duo musician-CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL CRUISES 2.05.1998-1.04.1999.MTS/STELLA SOLARIS-trio musician-ROYAL OLYMPIC CRUISES 1.03.1995-1.09.1995-‘ABOU NAWAS GOLF HOTEL-trio musician-ABOU NAWAS HOTELS(TUNISIA) 1.06.1993-1.10.1993-MONTAZAH CLUB TABARKA-trio musician-ABOU NAWAS HOTELS(TUNISIA) 1.02.1993-1.05.1993-ESPLANADE HOTEL.PESCARA(ITALY)-classic quartet and piano-bar.
PERSONAL DATA.Date of birth:8.08.1968 Nationality.Romanian Status:Not Married Languages:Romanian(native),English spoken and written),French(spoken and written),Italian(spoken). EDUCATION: - Normal Music School
- Arts school -piano department-Braila (graduated in 1985)
- I have begin my musical activity being directly guided by my parents (my father -piano and accordion teacher, my mother - vocal soloist)
- 1980 1986 - participated to several National Piano Contests and i was one of the winners for a couple of time
- 1987 - Built up my own group and we began singing in different locations ( clubs, hotels, restaurants, night clubs etc) and played several musical genres such as jazz, evergreen, pop-hits, latino, ballroom dance, Caribbean music etc -1992 –Participate with my trio to Sibiu Jazz Festival edition 1992
- 1993 -Started my international career as a professional musician and also obtained a work contract (as piano bar) in Italy (Pescara) for 3 months . During the same year ,I also obtained a contract offer in Arabian Countries (Tunis) where i worked for 2 years in four and five stars hotel for the Hotel Company "ABOU NAWASS"
- 1998 Started a new cooperation with Agency "GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTI

Updated:  September 5, 2011

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