S├ębastien Pan Resume

      Sebastian Pan is a composer and musician from a beautiful part of France, very close to Switzerland.

At 13, he picked up his first guitar, courtesy of his brother, and spent the following years intensely practicing. After achieving a business school diploma, he went to the Music Academy International, graduating in 2004. While in the Academy, he studied new guitar techniques and concentrated on harmony and orchestration as well as other aspects of music production.

Today, he is a professional musician composing instrumental and lyrical tracks in just about every imaginable genre.

The complete list of Sebastien's genres are indeed impressive and comprehensive: Orchestra, Drama, Thriller, Action, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal, Electro, Dance, House, World, Ethnic, Indie, Oriental, Epic, Classical, and Suspense among them.

He's also worked as sound designer for several independent films, among them the award-winning title "The Beginning... To get bald", the animation "Test flight" or "The spirit of Pere Lachaise".

Sebastien works with live musicians as a professional guitarist and has a number of musician friends, keeping his pulse active in the musical community at all times.

He's already worked as a composer, music producer and sound designer on short films, promotional videos, animations, web-series, commercials and video games.


Updated:  June 12, 2011

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