Ashkan Dabbagh Resume

      composing some songs for my self that in the genres of pop,pop rock,soul,indie rock and RnB...
realising 2 songs in PMC channel with my band that is called ASHKAN & ME..first one was listed in Top 20 for 1 month and the best grade was 13th.Name of the song is MAN TOO METROAM that is available in too many websitest too DL..
second one is called TAVAHOM and for 1.5 month it was listed in PMC MUSIC's Top 20 and the best grade was 9th..It's also available in various musicwebsites for download..
composing about 70 minutes songs for the republic islamic of Iran's of the programs was 90 and it was done about 3 years ago.
Holding consert in Andusheh hall in 1384.
Holding consert in Tehran university in 1386.
Holding consert in Ghazvin govemental university in 1389.
Teaching solfej about since 1 year ago

Updated:  June 18, 2011

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