Kiryl Vladimirovich Herold Resume


Teacher: Energetic, experienced and creative piano teacher with a proven ability to get the very best out of pupils. An expert at identifying the appropriate resources required for a subject matter and then ensuring that they are used efficiently, effectively and safely. Able to demonstrate and encourage high standards of professionalism from all staff and having a capability to support aspiring young musicians. Has huge knowledge of classical music and strong skills in pop and jazz music as well.
Musician: A highly experienced and talented piano player, with the ability of casting a musical spell over the audience. Passionate about music with the natural ability to adjust own style to suit different music. A quick learner who is always open to learn new styles, having good coordination with other musicians.
Presently looking for a suitable teaching position with a progressive school that offers competitive rates of pay and also opportunities for professional development. Also looking for: accompanist, pianist in orchestra, big band, other groups.

1994-1998 – Musical College (Novopolotsk Belarus), specialties – teacher of piano, member of chamber group, accompanist.
1998 - 2003 – Belarusian State Academy of Music, specialty piano. Bachelor’s degree in Music
2003 - 2004 – Magistracy of Belarusian Academy of Music, specialty piano solo. Master’s degree in Music.
2004 - 2007 – postgraduate study in Belarusian State Academy of Music.

Graduated Rudolf Buchbinder Piano courses in Zurich (Switzerland), and Summer piano Academy in Goteborg (Sweden).
Employment experience:
2002 - 2011 – a piano teacher and accompanist in Minsk State College Of Arts, from 2008 – chief of Piano department.
Since 2007 –2010 piano teacher and teacher of “The history of piano art” course in Belorussian State Academy of Music.
2011 – piano teacher in Belorussian State University M. Tanka named.
2012 – Present - piano player in orchestra in Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ( – ships: Monarch of the Seas (2 full contracts 29 weeks each), Liberty of the seas (3 full contracts, 29 weeks each)
Have experience playing in the President Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus.
More than 11 years teaching piano. Have more than 50 students. Some of them have prizes in different competitions.

Participated in international conferences in Belarus (Minsk, Grodno), Russia (Tambov, World Congress on art in Zurich (Switzerland)
Published books
1. How to start to play on piano (for amateurs), publish house Piter, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2011.
2. How to start to play on piano (for amateurs), publish house Piter, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2012 (second edition)
3. How to start to play on keys (for amateurs), publish house Piter, St-Petersburg, Russia, 2013.
4. Basic theory of music for amateurs, publish house Piter, St-Petersburg, Russia
5. Easy transcription of Russian songs for piano, publish house Piter, St-Petersburg, Russia


• Developing teaching material for piano classes.
• Planning and preparing piano classes for pupils.
• Organizing choirs and bands (if needed)
• Instructing school pupils in classical and pop music.
• Helping pupils prepare for examinations and tests.
• Involved in the ordering of musical instruments.
• Storing away safety musical equipment and supplies.
• Providing individual or group vocal and instrumental lessons.
• Showing pupils, the difference between musical styles such as pop music, jazz and classical.
• Meeting parents, the performing arts team and other teachers to discuss a pupil’s progress.
• Taking students on outings to musical events.
• Attending parent’s evenings.
• Responsible for all of the necessary exam preparation and administration.
• Keeping up-to-date about subject development.
• Accurately updating the assessment, recording and reporting systems to monitor a student’s progress.
• Helping students to rehearse musical programs for the school and local community.
• Attending teaching conferences.
• Writing bi-annual reports for pupils and maintaining records of their progress.
• Teaching pupils how to correctly play musical instruments like the piano, guitar and tambourines.
Professional Music Performance:
• Performed with renowned music bands in stage shows and assisted them in composing their leading songs.
• Composed different songs and short jingles for Television ads, per demand of ad producers.
• Assisted musicians who are new in this field of composing and singing.

Updated:  April 7, 2016

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