Fabio Andres Barrera Moreno Resume

      I started playing guitar at age of 10 influenced by the aggressive and forceful metal from the famous band
"Metallica." I began my musical studies on a self-taught way, exploring many styles and learning about
musical history, composition, arrangements and more. my first public appearance was at age of 15 in a power
metal-core band called "AGRESOR", and since then I have been in many musical projects of different genres
like funk, blues, rock, metal and I have met many scenarios and diverse audiences. I studied a year and a half
at the school of music and audio "Fernando Sor" in which I learned a lot about writing, musical composition
and performance. in 2008 at the age of 20 years, I was one of the founders of the Colombian metal band
"Withering Void" in which I have had the most wins and positive experiences in my life performing and
composing music for the band. I have shared the stage with internationally renowned bands as "Entombed"
(Sweden), "Asfixia" (Spain), "Biohazard" (United States), "Samael" (Switzerland), "Shadows Fall" (United
States), "Stick to your guns" (United States), "Def con dos" (Spain) in major Colombian music festivals like
"ROCK AL PARQUE" where I had my first appearance in 2010 with "Withering Void. I've also played with
many recognized Colombian bands as "kilcrops", "neurosis", "masacre", "soulburner" in many festivals such
as "congregation fest", "rockalidad cuarta", "rock al grano", "soulmetal fest" among many others .

Updated:  June 20, 2011

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