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Guilherme Schroeter was born May 16, 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from a traditional family of Musicians: his mother, a pianist; his father, a violinist; his brother, a violinist; and his aunt, Olga Maria Schroeter, a famous opera singer.

Guilherme began his studies at seven years of age with his mother in 1967. Guilherme's mother, by her devotion to music and the piano, inspired Guilherme to begin practicing the piano and also to create his first compositions. At 7,

Guilherme was able to give brief performances, and four years later in 1971, at the age of 11, his first composition was performed.

Guilherme earned his graduate degree (Field: Piano) in 1988 at the Saint Mary University of Music in Brazil. Three years later he traveled to Germany to complete his piano studies, and then he took three Master Classes with the renowned and internationally acclaimed pianists Jörg Demus (1928-), Peter Rösel (1945-) and Czeslaw Kscinsky.

Music has no bounds for composer Guilherme Schroeter

Mr. Schroeter also works in the field of pop music, which has drawn in the most superb vocalists in the world. Guilherme's efforts since 2005 have resulted in honors for his songwriting. The song Heaven on Earth (lyrics by Olatunji Talabi) is an example of the collaborative efforts of the composer, musicians and vocalist. This is an extraordinary work of music and the accolades that have been bestowed upon it and those that have made it a contemporary classic are to be commended. We welcome all of the fans of Guilherme Schroeter to enjoy the works contained on this site and on the Web.

Hollywood Music Awards nomination
Los Angeles Music Awards nomination
Les Vignes D'or Songwriting contest (France)
Second Prize at Peace Foundation ( New York)
... and others

Mr. Schroeter is actually living in Los Angeles to promote his works in California and the USA and is actively performing his music in many venues throughout the Los Angeles area. Beyond his genius as a composer and pianist, he is a man of compassion and integrity


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