Peter John Bailey Resume

      After 15 years out of live performance I am now looking for work as a performer. During this time out I have concentrated on teaching, composition, recording and producing.

Playing and composing in classical,jazz, rock, blues, folk and popular styles I sing and play the acoustic, electric, slide and bass guitar, keyboards, piano and percussion instruments.

As the owner of a demo studio and in my own private home studios I have, over the past 28 years, acquired numerous skills as a musician, producer, arranger, sound engineer and MIDI programmer. I am well experienced in both analogue and digital formats, digital audio workstations, MIDI sequencing and computer music software.

I have played country, bossa nova, rock, blues, folk and popular music as a solo artist and both as a band member and a band leader

Starting at the age of six playing the piano and singing in school and church choirs, later learning the guitar at seventeen, I am mostly self taught. I studied musical performance (Classical guitar) and musical composition at two university music departments: Concorde University, Montreal, Canada and at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, U.K. and now have fifty three years of musical experience.

The results of these studies and experience can all be heard and seen on the videos I have posted here on the Musicians Pages, Myspace and Youtube (where I have over 70 videos)

One of my compositions "Dolphin Teach Us To Play" was featured on the UNESCO’s Earth Charter CD(2005)where the "songs, which reflect the diversity of the world, have been selected for their musical quality and the messages that they transmit" This was performed by Rosie Emery and featured such artists as Youssou N'Dour, Chico and the Gypsies, Tokiko Kato, Maná, Maria Emilia, and Raffi.

In 1992, in collaboration with Rosie Emery, I wrote and produced a children's album and song book "Songs For Gaia" which was designed to promote environmental awareness in children. This was distributed by the educational department of The Montreal Gazette, a national newspaper to schools in Canada, it was used in many schools throughout the English speaking world.

In 1987 I received an award from CFCF cable television (Montreal, Canada) for "outstanding contribution and quality of programming" for my television show "Bits and Pieces" which was done in collaboration with Rosie Emery and was a showcase for Montreal musicians.

From 1972 until 1997 I played and toured throughout Canada and Europe with various bands that included "Sahara" "Dynamic Duo" "Anglo Sax" and others; playing both covers and original material. I also played as a solo artist in holiday resorts, hotels and restaurants in Morocco, Spain, France and Montreal.

I cannot produce testimonials, as this was all so long ago now, but I do have one testimonial given to my by Marty Melhuish a former Editor of Billboard magazine (Canada), a well know music journalist, television producer and official autobiographer of "Supertramp" among many others. I have include this on my Creative Page here on Musicians Pages.

It is a "catch 22", it is difficult to find work if you haven't had recent experience and testimonials, but I am willing to work from the bottom again and prepared to work for less money to start with until I have proved myself.
I believe that the quality of experience and musicianship is evident in my videos and music. So check it out and give me a chance. I am serious, reliable and very hard working. I read music well, learn very quickly, am extremely versatile and will work either as a solo artist or as a member of a band in almost any style.

Updated:  July 18, 2011

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