Chicco Lalonde Resume

      Freelance since 1990 and former member of Fandago e Impronta Latina
in 1992 Recorded the album Tribe in England with the cult band Sadist, touring and performing alongside international.
Recorded 2 video clips for MTV and VIVA TV, "Sometimes They Come Back" and "Tribe"
Participated in the recording a compilation albums in Europe/USA/Japan.
With Orchestra "Ensemble du Mediterranee" based in Marseilles, France, he toured extensively throughout Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.
In 2001, Kiko moved to Seville, Spain to focus on his Classical and latin and flamenco studies.
In Canada performed the 2003/2004 season with the Victoria Chamber Orchestra in Victoria, BC.
2008 he relocated in Italy joint the Recorded as freelance 19 Albums between 2008/2010 for many artist in European In 2011 record "Conseguenza del Groove" in London with the Italian funk artist song writer Bobby Soul and Joint the band The Knickers (Italy).
Recorded also in 2011, many albums for the Wavetransform Studio TN USA directed by Yanic Bercier for Americans, Canadians and Europeans Artists.

Updated:  July 17, 2011

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