Glan Lesley Baaitjies Resume

      As a music collector since the early 80’s of vinyl Dj Glan was inspired by his father collecting for home listing. His brother started working in a Mobile Disco group which later transformed into an admiration for the trade. After his brother left the group that made a opening that could not be resisted. He seized the opportunity and ‘’Dj Glan’’ was born. 1988 Brought a new dawn. Dj Glan went from strength to strength and started a group of their own in 1989. ‘’Fantasy Disco’’ rose and became the most talked about group on the west coast of South Africa. Dj Glan played a pinnacle role as he was responsible for the House music set of every event. His Mc skills also proved pivotal. Covering the whole province no event was too big or to small till 1994. Fantasy became part of Club Gemini and became the number 1 Night Club on the west coast. Dj Glan went solo in 1995 and started playing clubs in Cape Town. Franky’s, Boulevard Nights, G-Spot, Club Company etc.

1997 Took Dj Glan to the Southern Cape as a resident at Cleveland night club in George where he also played Mossel Bay’s Club Hill Crest, Stingray and Vibrations in Oudtshoorn till 1998. During the same time he also became known as ‘’The Bass Dr’’. This was the pure house side alias. Due to his popularity Dj Glan was in demand in Walvis Bay, Namibia.. Club Le Palace and Oxigen night club in Swakopmund. With his unique blend of house setting a new trend and breaking the boundaries did wonders in the Namibian club scene. Late 1999 Dj Glan ventured to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. Clubs like Night Spot, Stage, Rockafellas, Xanadu, Obsession and Cream were frequently bouncing to the signature higher state of house style of Dj Glan. The year 2000 was a year to return to his native west coast and resident at Stage 99. During this time he was still freelancing and regularly playing Namibia. Club Y-Not, Club Fantasy, Club Hill Crest, Old School, Cozy Corner, N7 Night Spot, also became regular clubs that were rocked by Dj Glan’s signature higher state of house style. 2003 He made a return to the Southern and Eastern Cape where he played Vogue, Bay Watch, Traffic, Weldon Kaya and Legacy in Plettenburg Bay, Zepplins and Le Difference in Knysna, Club X in Mossel Bay. La Dee Das in Port Elizabeth, Plush and Stepperz in George and Funky Lemon in Saldanha Bay as Residency on Saturdays.

2007 Cape Town was calling and Dj Glan did a residency at News Bar and Beaulas on Thursdays and Fridays in the vibrant multi cultural mother city “ Cape Town”. His Dj career hit peak when 2008 marked his first residency in the Beautiful City of ‘’Dubai’’ United Arab Emirates. Latin Tribal, Deep House, Vocal House, Tech House, Salsa, R&B and Hip Hop was the order of the day. With a cosmopolitan crowd Savage Garden was home and his sound and style was loved by the masses that visited the club every single day of the week. In late 2009 Dj Glan returned to South Africa. Back at his residency at Funky Lemon on Fridays and Saturdays he is freelancing in different clubs. A visit to club Cabana in Walvis Bay and Eclipse in Swakopmund marked his return to our neighbor country Namibia. House music and all sub genres frequent his record box. 2010 Was filled with bookings from Cape Town to the Northern Cape and Namibia. Tiger Reef New Years eve party is the biggest event on Namibian calender. Dj Glan headlined the event alongside Dj Jay Frog[Scooters Dj] From Germany. Over 4000 people attended. Dj Glan also does a Radio Show called Clubbing Grooves on Radio West Coast 92.3 Fm. Now it’s time for the production of his first album and non-stop mixed cd by Dj Glan “ The Bass Dr.” Watch the press for details. Coming soon.

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Updated:  June 6, 2014

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