Sean Mackenzie Resume

      Sean Mackenzie began playing the piano at the age of 9, by 11 he was performing his original works in competitions and by 15 had started performing professionally with jazz and rock bands. Since graduating from Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 1987 he has travelled widely composing, performing and teaching. With influences from all corners of the world, Sean's music travels from one hemisphere to another and back again, connecting with people from around the world and exploring their voices. The beauty of Sean Mackenzie's music is its undulating melodies, profound harmonies and creative improvisation.

Sean finds inspiration in the music of Brazil, Latin Americas, Africa, Asia and the European Gypsies. He developed a unique understanding and sound with music making him one of the exceptional musicians and composers of our time.

Sean was invited to Curso de Verâo, an International summer school for music in Brazil in Sean conducted master classes and performed his own work with Jeff Andrews on bass and Kiko Freitas on drums. In The Netherlands, Sean worked at the Conservatorium of Music with percussionist Nippy Noya and in Japan Sean composed music for Nikkatsu Film Studios and recorded his first album “Talking to Myselves” with Ricardo Sagiorato on bass and Tommy Campbell on drums. In Australia, Sean has recorded 2 more albums - “Off 2 C the Planet” and “Brasil”.

You can hear Sean on his new album “Brasil” (released 2010) as well as recent releases of Lulo Reinhardt's “Live in Melbourne” CD & DVD (released 2008) & “Katoomba Birds” (released 2010), all available from Itunes.

Presently Sean tours with his own band & with Lulo Reinhardt and is the producer for Off The Records.

Updated:  July 21, 2011

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