Khalil Hebert Resume

Khalil Hebert (aka Snare One) is a professional drummer, educator, producer & audio engineer from Los Angeles California. Holds a degree in Music Business issued from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Has also studied percussion privately under Joseph Mitchell (LA Phil Harmonic) and James Bradley Jr. (Chuck Mangione, Anita Baker & Crazy Town).

Course of Study; Recording engineering, Mic placement concepts, Mixing & Mastering, Publishing, Copyrights, Legal Aspects, and Marketing. Ă¢€Â¨Music Theory, Piano, Keyboard Harmony, 20th Century Harmony, Advanced Snare Drum Studies, Corps studies, World Percussion, Percussion Ensemble, Ear Training, Notation & copying, Electronic music production.

Work Experience:

Currently: Studio Manager, Producer & Head Engineer (Logic Pro/ Pro Tools) @ Melodic Media. 808 South Hobart Blvd. LA Ca 90005. Contact CEO, Khalil Hebert (self) @ 323.610.8887.

1. Hired tour drummer for the Nu Family Band ( June 4th-July 1st). Countries played: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Djibouti, Qatar, Afghanistan & Kyrgyzstan. Contact, tour manager; Marvin Spruill @ 310.946.9148.

2. Featured in a Hanes T-shirt commercial (playing drums) as a street performer. Produced by: Straight A. Productions. Contact: Kyoko Aihara @310-251-1310.

3. Wrote, produced and performed on two songs, Noctiluca & Every Day. Placed in the film soundtrack for Mac Author Park by: Billy Wirth (Lost Boys).

4. Session drummer for producer/composer Greg Ginn of Black Flag, (Recording dates: Sept. 22, 28 & 29th). Contact SST Records @562-590-8612.

5. Hired drummer & musical director for r&b/pop vocalist "Nikkole", of SE Entertainment Records, 137 N. Larchmont Blvd. Suite No. 717, LA, Ca 90004. Gig's include B.B. Kings blues club.

6. Hired drummer for blues/rock artist "Lance Baker Fent", of Green Man Media (

7. Hired drummer for modern rock artist "Demitri" gig's include: The Whisky-A-Gogo.

8. Hired drummer for Singer/Songwriter Andrew Deerin. Gig's include: The Rainbow & Room 5 Lounge.

9. Session drummer for jazz vocalist Maggie Lain (Recording date: Jan 20th 2006).

10. Hired drummer for Crash Davis. A country/rock quartet, gigs include: The Mint & Temple Bar. Contact: AJ @310-403-0314.

11. Session drummer for jazz bassist Alan Gruskoff. (Recording date: Feb 25th 2005). Contact: Alan Gruskoff @310-356-6839.

12. Hired drummer for Lala Divine, Mar 03- Mar 05. A female pop/rock vocal trio. (Independent vocal group of the year, LA Music Award 2004).

13. Hired drummer for Tiff Jimber (singer/songwriter/pianist). Dec 04- Feb 05. Contact: Tiff Jimber @310-460-8031.

14. Hired drummer for Chel, an urban pop artist signed to AMRA Music/Sinful Music Publishing. Produced & developed by: Milan Williams of the legendary (Commodores). Contact: Milan Williams @818-981-6069.

15. Hired drummer for General Hughes (funk/jazz/fusion). Gigs include: The Baked Potato.

16. Played the three week long Catalina Jazz festival with Spanish Flamenco guitarist (Jose Luis Encinas) in October of 2002. Contact: Jose Luis Encinas @(011-34) 923210124

17. Hired drummer for Erica Kelly an R&B/Soul artist signed to Bib St. Records. Produced by: Milan & Jaeson Williams. Contact: Jaeson Williams @323-573-3899.

18. Drummer, percussionist, programmer, songwriter and co producer for his own band Big City Riot signed to AMRA Music/Sinful Music Publishing 2000-2002. Contact: CEO Sindee Levin @310-440-8778.

Updated:  September 8, 2022

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