Joseph Fraidon Poles Resume

      1982 meridian hotel Baghdad until 1985 pianist
1986 diploma in fine arts
1987 international carnival
1988 joined a jazz band
1992 mariotte hotel amman pianist
1993 keyboard player around island of malta.
1997 classic music level 3 Germany
1999 until 2003 Hilton Mainz hotel pianist
2004 until 2009
London and Bournemouth as a pianist.
2010 mariotte hotel rio de janero Brazil pianist
2011 concert in Chicago holiday inn
2012 2017 more education from Southampton city college
Playing with Greek band.
2018 owns a Greek restaurant in Bournemouth.
2022 have a small cafe and teach and train music, health care and social care.
2023 manage a cafe, translater , teach music

Updated:  March 3, 2023

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