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      after graduating in Piano and Jazz Music he went on to further perfect his skills at the London Royal Academy of Music as well as with the Sienese seminars of masters Pieranunzi and Rea. He also completed a post-graduate course in Music at the Universit√† Tor Vergata, and is a registered Technical Music Consultant for the Court of Rome. He has held concerts in Japan, Korea, France, Turkey and in important theatres and Institutes in Italy. He has recorded two CD's: "Film Favorites" with trumpet player Cicci Santucci, and "The Heart of Europe" with guest music historian Tony Scott, flautist Nicola Stilo and vocalist Yasemin Sannino, which whom he recently performed in Istanbul at the International Film Festival with Cnn Tv, at the Eskisehir Internat. Festival and for the Italian Consulate in Izmir. He is honoured to partecipated at the last recording of great friend and artist Tony Scott for the soundtrack of film "I served the English King", (sept.2006).
Concerts in: USA, Jordan, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Japan, Corea, ...

Noteworthy Press and critiques: "...Jacovella proves to be a refined pianist and author, who loves chiaroscuro and soft-spoken dialogue..." (Musica Jazz); "The jump, a piece composed by the roman pianist for Tony Scott's clarinette: the anguished, tremendously evocative voice of the "Holy man" from New Jersey and his painful scat are enough to give you the shivers!"; " Jacovella's is, without doubt, a cultural background that is sinking its roots in Europe." ,"A performance in a Keith Jarrett style of perfect solitude.."(, ".. L.J.'s piano often pays homage to the great lesson of Art Tatum." (K.Kralj-Il Piccolo, Trieste); "The Heart of Europe: a suggestive work with an intimate pace..." (Jazzit)

Updated:  August 13, 2011

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