Willie Lee Miller Resume

      Willie miller also known as optimusrhyrme aka chillwill A Gospel rap from Spartanburg Sc has his own cd and music video
He writes his own Songs arrange his songs and is a Composer.Willie miller has written books of Poerty and his own music video.he is trying to get another video made to his 1st video and outside video not just an on stage video. Willie Miller optimsrhyrme chillwill is trying to get in touch with agents Managers to help him get his break and is seeking record deals ect.Getting my cd remastered and adding my new tracks in a must.I recorded some somesongs at ZOEFORLIFE MINISRTIES IN OAKLAND CA 412 Pendleton Way oakland Ca. My goal is to get signed and get my whole cd out on the market.You can check out my websites at www.williemiller1.exploretalent.com and www.matt108.com click on artist and then on rap look up chillwill.I have my myspace page up.I have written my own Screenplay entitled OPTIMUS its a martial arts movie I am trhe writer director and lead acter in this Movie.I have written sopngs that fit the TRANSFORMER movies I am trying reach Mr.Micheal bay dirctor micheal bay to reach a deal.I pray he see one of my webites with my contact information on it.

To honest business peopleonly who will help me out and take a listen and inTerest in me contact me at Willie Miller 101 marion avenue apt Spartanburg Sc 29306 864- 541-5452 cell [585-0439 home message number]

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Updated:  August 15, 2011

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