Jo Danao Tizon Resume

      Jo tizon was born in Legazpi City, Phillipines on July 17 1983, He began
the study as guitar player when he was 10 years of age under the guidance of his Father.
Without formal lesson he kept playing guitar until he join his first band on 1997; The sphinxz. They Played
on Different Bars and Gigs until they Disbanded on year2000. Jo continue hes college in AMA Compuetr College in Legazpi
Jo, with influences of his new classmates expose to metal rock.He Formed new band; HellsKitchen. A progressive rock band.
Till then jo plays different type of music. He exposes himself into music without limitations. A wide range of variety influences

And today. jo is looking for a new page of his life. his looking for a job or opportunity to play in other places.
His flexiblty is good and he can work under pressure.hes a team player and he can play solo even not that very fast he can assure you to deliver the music with feelings.

He can play With his friend (Duo) or even in band. Alternative rock to pop and.
From Classic to Glamrock ..anything goes.

Updated:  August 14, 2011

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