Versatility, talent, years of entertaining and professionalism makes REVERIE a hallmark in entertainment.

With smooth, clean and colourful four-part vocal harmonies, the band surely excites the senses.

In the tradition of great vocal-harmony and doo-wop bands, REVERIE gives rich vocal-harmonies, distinct and pleasurable music, visual appeal and over-all fun that only four-part vocal harmony can create and endow to the listeners, guests and audience.

This charismatic ensemble is comprised of Manila's seasoned and Music Conservatory trained performers and musicians, namely-Vina Labaro (Soprano), Leslie Ferrer (Alto), Laurence Gonzales (Tenor), Michelangelo Miguel (Baritone), Sammy Caluya (Piano) and Jojo San Pedro (Bass).

With combined experience in live performance, stage and television, performing at numerous 5-star hotel lobby-lounges around Asia, REVERIE has the showbiz credentials to make a nightly event an EVENT or your venue, a place to be or be seen or just to give your guests something good to listen to whilst having a meeting, a night-out or a night-cap.

REVERIE perform musical styles ranging from Jazz, Swing, Standards, Latin, Broadway to Soul, Ballroom to Pop, REVERIE has the wide-repertoire to suit any client request, venue or occasion.

Watching this ensemble and it becomes quickly apparent that the band enjoys what they do. They are able to create different moods that will keep you and your guests truly entertained.

REVERIE- Music to DREAM by.

Updated:  December 9, 2011

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