Mysunn Trevor Turner Resume

508-7 Athena
Hercules, CA 94547

My name is Mysunn Turner, I am a 27 year old musician with 20+ years of experience as a musician, in which I started off as a drummer. Taking my experience to the next level for the past 16 years, I have been a skilled Organist/ Keyboardist playing by ear. In addition to being a musician, I have the ability to follow really well and keep up with the flow of any music and all services no matter the arena. I have played for very prominent pastors and ARTISTS within and outside the Bay Area.

I am a great leader, but I am a better follower when needed. I am a very humbled musician and would like to continue to move forward in music.Playing skillfully & professionally in music is my love. I am available for travel around the world if you are in need.

Videos available per request and I am available to audition for you as well. I am seeking morning service(s) if your church has more than one service. I am also able to give references if needed.

Thank you,

Mysunn Turner

Updated:  August 17, 2011

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