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      Stacey And The Freeloaders formed in Janurary 2009 in Maidstone, Kent originally as a relaxed sunday afternoon jam between four friends during which they realised that they were having far too much fun for it to be a one off occurrence. They soon begun rehearsing regularly in the back room of their drummer's house, where they locked themselves away for 6months writing a set to perfection. The resulting incarnation was a cocktail of Blues, Classic Rock and Country with other elements ranging from 90′s Grunge, Jazz to Folk- tastes and flavours all thrown into the mixing bowl. From August 2009 they performed and gigged to the general public and landing shows at the Tunbridge Wells Forum, Hawkinge Music Festival, Domfest and Earls Bar- a thriving local live music venue, playing along side artists such as The Lovedays, White Bone Rattle, Archie Wah Wahs's and Luke Paul Jackson.<

Stacey And The Freeloaders influences are brought about by each member's own different tastes and playing styles; from guitar gods like Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan to the riff driven punk and grunge with bands such as The Ramones and Nirvana, all the way though to more traditional blues, folk, country and roots music with countless artists to name. Modern bands have also played a part in influencing their sound such as Muse, the Foo Fighters and the Zutons. Other influences are drawn from literature, art and film- infect just about anything or anyone mildly creative, with subjects such as the George Orwell novel “1984”, Clint Eastwood films and whatever they happened to read in the newspaper that morning discussed in their lyrics, Stacey and the Freeloaders are attempting to create not just music but ideas. In August and September 2010 SATF recorded their debut E.P “Stacey And The Freeloaders” which has been played on local radio station “XRP radio” with great feedback from fans and bands alike. They hope to be back in the studio soon to record more new tracks and with a bit of luck they'll have a laugh or two on the way.

Updated:  August 22, 2011

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