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Sergey Kozlov | Music composer & arranger


Work Procedure:

For working process on an arrangement you can send me any material: music, demo or just vocals, recorded in the recorder. We discuss style, character and texture of the track; you express your wishes, than I begin to work. First I give to familiarize demo (intro, verse, chorus), if all are satisfied, you make a prepayment of 50%. After that I finished writing the track to the end. After work, I will send you the full version; you pay the remainder of my fee. After the hole payment I send you (or upload at any RGhost) DVD with the tracking of high resolution 32bit float 48KHz for dubbing in studio. In general, this is a common scheme, which my colleagues and I take many years. This scheme helps to insure the customer and performer.


Guitars: (Ibanez S1625DF Custom Series), acoustic guitar (OVATION CC24-HBY CELEBRITY). Recording guitar through Mesa Boogie F30, Yerasov Soldier 30, preamp Tech21 NY PSA 1.1, picking up with (Oktava MK-115, Shure 57) microphones - digitizing by Apogee Mini-Me. Workstation PC DAW+Sonic Core Pro (ex-Scope Platform Pro), host tracking program - Nuendo & Apple Mac (host program - Logic Pro). I have almost all of most popular VST & AU instruments. But I mostly prefer Sonic Core's synthesizers and samplers. Using Sonic Core's mixer I can get real time 32 bit floating point process achieving best dynamic range and accuracy as well as Sonic Core's FX. My monitoring is KRK V6 mkII. At the studio I have a possibility to expand my studio setup with E-MU4XT ULTRA, ENSONIQ ASR-10,TS-10, KURZWEIL 2600, analog mixer MAKIE 8 BUS, DA convertors Apogee, effects processors TC-ELECTRONICS, LEXICON, TL AUDIO, PRESONUS, DBX, - commonly there are best high quality studio equipment that established perfect reputation during years of working at studios worldwide. Customer receiving demo mix and high resolution tracking on DVD prepared for final mixdown.


At the moment there is an extensive database of recording studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as in some regions, which I cooperate with. So, it is possible to use any necessary equipment and tools. I encourage liaison with professionals involved in the recording industry - producers, vocal and instrumental performers. So, if you want you can get “turnkey” audio projects: from writing a piece of music to the final mix, ready for publication on audio medium.

Updated:  April 10, 2016

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