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We the band Public Opinion are a South African band and we are interest in a overseas contract.   




We the band, Public Opinion is interest in the gig. I’m sending you the group photo of 4 people (Female singer) we do have a male singer (5, 6,7 piece also). Our video clip is on YouTube name “Public Opinion live”


          NB:  Our band is ready and does have all the stuff needed for overseas gig.


         Attach the Profile and song list (repertoire). Our group photo will follow.


“Amazing Energy on Stage, Best Live Band I’ve ever seen”,

“Rhythm Section is Right On Man!”, “What a Kick Ass Band!”….

Are just some of the reactions from the people after a

Public Opinion performance!



The members of Public Opinion, as individuals, enjoyed a wealth of success and with a collective experience of more than 50 years, now has a reputation as one of the Best Show Bands across South Africa. With a vast range of musical styles such as Funk, Reggae, Pop, Latina, Jazz, Gospel etc. they tailor their sets to suit the type of venue and more importantly the audience.


Their popularity has taken them to Australia, Israel, Dubai U.A.E, BahrainGulf Hotel, Seychelles, London U.K, Kenya, Turkey and South Africa etc packing the venues with audiences of more than 25 000. They appeared in the famous Star Search Show “Shell Road to Fame” as a backing band for all the artists on stage, the Show of Lights festival held yearly in Paarl home city and the Windhoek promotion tour with six other bands. They have worked with many known artists including Belinda Davids & Dawnay. Two-time FIRST place winners of the Battle of the Bands competitions out of 20 bands held in South Africa in 2000.


These individuals also generate enormous goodwill and human warmth through their extensive musical talents by participating in many fundraisers in aid of the H.I.V projects. The various band members have all done their time playing in other bands before coming together. Donovan are the Manager of the band but have worked with all of the other musicians on other projects before, so when having to decide on individual talents, they were dead set on the current outfit. On stage and fired up, this versatile band keeps their audiences out of their seats, waving their hands and stomping their feet to the soul and groove of their music.


We do play a variety of music. Example: Jazz, R&B, Pop, Reggae and Funk.






0027847443159/ 0027 768920498



Updated:  September 1, 2011

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