D&A D&A Resume

      Duo "D&A"
Dina - vocal, piano, small percussion.
Andy - trumpet, vocal, guitar, keyboard, piano.
Andy & Dina are talented professional musicians from Moscow and have more than 12 years stage experience. Playing the piano, accompanied by keyboard beats, D&A creates a full band sound. Duo has a repertoire of many Jazz Standards, Rock'N'Roll, Motown, R&B, Ballroom, Latin and love songs, in English, Portugise, Italian and Russian.
Duo has a professional attitude, on and off stage and are able to perform in any venue type. Dina & Andy have experience in playing in Jazz Clubs, on cruise ship, in lounges, restaurants, ballrooms, outdoor shows, hotels, weddings and corporate events.
Andy - Moscow conservatory graduate, piano, trumpet.
Dina - University of Culture, vocal, has a strong, clear and colorful voice.

Updated:  September 7, 2011

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