White Wine White Wine Resume

      "White Wine"
Slava - vocal,keyboard
Oleg - piano,keyboard,accordion
Alexey - electric&acoustic guitar

All musicians in our ensemble are professionals hight quality."White Wine" have big experience in different events,restaurants,clubs.Two of us (Slava and Oleg) more then 2 years worked before in 5 stars Venetian Macao Hotel in the Entertainment Department (Slava-singer,Oleg-musician)
We can play music different genres:pop,latin,jazz,classic,instrumental... We have big experience in different events: clubs,restaurants,birthday party...Etc.In our ensemble: singer,keyboard,piano,or accordion and electric&acoustic guitar...
Also we can working like classical cover trio,because in our ensemble all musicians are professionals,and we can working without speakers,and boxes... Live Opera male voice,Live piano or accordion and acoustic guitar...

Updated:  November 22, 2011

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