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             From the Dark absolution of a non being voices speak without speaking. Perhaps for a thousand billion years that might have passed before the deepest gaze split the darkness into a trillion Gods. "OH" What unfathomable magnitudes might have been the divisions that had broken loose to call themselves Gods each of a kind. And the thinker things and the cradle of life is set before the sun . And a thundering voice that calls out ."For no man nor beast shall eat of this tree of life. And none did know, not even the Gods how the tree of life came to be. Nor the creatures nor the life myriad . And the voices that was spoken that day was silenced and gone for ever . And the rage that was spoken of the tree of life never more heard . And the Great  absolution watched and waited till, in the stealth of night and the fruit in her hands she called upon Adam. "Come eat with me" and the thinker thinks and becomes what he thinks he is. And till this day there is no light and you cannot see, Only the music plays the world you live in. In a song, in a dream, and a drift in a breeze.


Updated:  October 26, 2011

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