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Creative writer, Songwriter, Musician, Author and supporter of Animal Rights.

Music is and always will be my first love. Voice is a natural gift and being blessed with an 'ear', has allowed me to self-teach multiple instruments. Since I was five years old, I knew I wanted to sing and write. When I released my debut CD titled 'ANGEL HEART the single of the same name - "Angel Heart" was picked up by Kathy Howard of Republic Productions, a Sydney based music publisher headed by the cream of Australia's music industry. That song alone, led to the signing of a full blown publishing agreement. More tracks off the album proved very successful in Romania, France and Belgium.  The first track - "Restitution", was 'discovered' on MySpace and secured as the opening title track for U.S. soap opera LEGACY HILL. Another of my songs “Back to You” was selected as Ambassador for “Life Matters 2 U”, a pro life organization based in Bendigo, Victoria, another track “Right where you Belong” was accepted as the flagship for a fundraising campaign by Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary in Yarraville, Victoria and my new single “You” was accepted as the campaign song for Wildlife Warriors Fundraiser, sponsored by Australia Zoo.


Thank you for taking the time to read my 'story' and I trust you enjoy my music. Blessings to you, Lisa J Aston


“Australian singer/songwriter Lisa J Aston has played many roles throughout different careers in the land down under.  From multi-talented solo musician to music executive to filmmaker, to author, to animal-advocate and just about everything else in between.  One thing that has been discovered for sure along the way is that she plays the role of singer/songwriter/recording artist brilliantly as evidenced by this body of work recorded at BigNote Productions Studios on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia - an adult contemporary/alternative country/soft rock collection of originals from one of the best voices in Australia and the world.”Raleigh Squires –


"Lisa is an exceptional talent. She has the unique ability to create commercial masterpieces in a variety of genres - an aptitude rarely seen in this business". Kathy Howard - Republic Ventures P/L Australia



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Updated:  January 13, 2013

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