Carrie Soul Diva Resume


(Lead Vocalist, Percussion, Band Leader)
Born in Canada, Carrie's foray into music began at the tender age of three, performing calypso at a local nightclub with her Aunt's dance & drum troop. Numerous gigs and stage productions throughout her formative years, singing an eclectic mix of calypso, jazz and gospel with her aunt's group laid the musical foundation that would eventually shape her into the powerful, soulful songstress she is today.

In 2001 Carrie participated in the MTV concert special with famous Latin pop star, Ricky Martin, singing backing vocals in his band. The event was entitled 'Live and Loaded' and is aired frequently all over Asia with Carrie receiving almost as much screen time as Ricky - once again testimony of her unique look and performing style.

Besides many professional sessions including Buddy Miles, Tina Arena, and SuperJesus, Carrie has been a sought after headliner on the International Hotel Circuit for more than a decade, with more than 25 5-Star contracts under her belt, on tour with HB Concept, Drop Zone, & Seven Senses as well as her own bands; Masterplan (Top 40), Talkin'Loud ( Funk/Acid Jazz) and Diamond Life (Jazz/Lounge).

Carrie and her musicians showcase dynamic and captivating performances designed to thrill any audience, anywhere. Covering the entire musical landscape with mastery and delivering consistently excellent performances are the cornerstones on which this ensemble is built. Available for 5 star hotel contracts, Corporate functions, and private parties all over the world.

Carrie is a performer in the true sense of the word. She loves the stage and the audience - and they love her. Once you see her perform in her uniquely energetic style and hear her soulful vocals, you will agree that she possess a rare gift, the ability to connect with an audience, lift them up, make them feel great, and keep them coming back for more!

Updated:  January 27, 2015

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