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      This smooth duo/trio with roots in Latina America, Spain & The Netherlands, takes you on a musical journey around the globe. Listen to the sounds of Latin, jazz, funk & soul.
And lounge away…..

These musicians seem to make a perfect match; individually they have their own styles and specialties which results into a perfect trio for listening! With their wide repertoire with songs from modern to classic standards it's perfect for almost any occasion!

The Ingredients/Musicians
Bernardo Ilamas:
Bernardo from Uruguay is a Pianist and keyboardist with an international career. With his roots in Latin America, he takes us along with the sensual and classic soundss of Argentine tango, the gentle bossa nova of Brazil, the hot Cuban rhythms, as well as the American jazz, pop, blues and soul music. His versatility and talent have led him to travel much of the world where he met Shamira and together they have combined their styles and love of music becoming inseparable.
Shamira van Elsland:
Shamira is Sweet & Spicy at the same time. This Soul singer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands with Latin Roots from Brazil, loves singing smooth Bossa Nova, Jazz and soul. With her beautiful voice & presence she lights up the room. Her stage performance is energetic but classy. She started at a very early age with singing and songwriting. No wonder that this self-made musician with a wide vocal range makes everything look easy. She has a great musical personality, and easily sings songs in languages from Spanish, to English to Portuguese.
Jaime Garrido
Jaime is an ambitious guitar player from Spain. His ability to combine jazz, soul and funk is amazing! He gives you just enough and leaves u with wanting more. He is the basis and at the same time gives u that little extra. With a background as a jazz musician, having played with some of the best jazz musicians of Spain it's a pleasure listening to him. He makes his complicated guitar techniques sound like an easy Sunday afternoon. After some time in London, Jaime moved to the US in order to produce Lizzy Loeb's Album "Drawing Lines". Jaime now decided Amsterdam should be his ground. And on this ground he met Shamira and formed the duo/trio Passion & Desire.

As a Trio
As a trio they have travelled and performed around different venues in Holland, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay and Ireland. They have been frequently asked for performances.

Available for gigs, studio sessions, radio, composing, songwriting and also house music projects with dj. Perfect for Hotels, bars, weddings, clubs, restaurants, private parties, boats & birthdays. There is the possibility to book them as a duo, trio and band.

Professional, Original, Passionate and Beautiful!

Performances/ Work experience:
Amsterdam Holland, Cccafe, Bar Anita, Bourbonstreet, Café Alto, Casablanca, Private Parties, Easter Festival Ridderkerk, weddings, Radio 3fm.
Spain, Ibiza: Live-venue Teatro pereyra, Itaka, For government Vara de Rey, Beachclub Chiringuito, Bazaar, Restaurant Alegria, weddings.
Barcelona: Hotel Rey Juan Carlos, Live venue Setial.
Ireland Connemara: Molly's Pub, Letterfrack.
0031 (0)6 850 22 112.

Updated:  November 28, 2011

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