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Hello , My name is Vandes D. Jackson ll. I was Born & Raised on the South-'side of Chicago & I have always had a Passion for Music & The Language of Music. Coming up throughout my Life Beating on Boxes, Bucket's, & Furniture at a very young age To Now Playing Gig's of all Genres & Doing More As a Studio Musician I have come a very long way Musically. I always try to Stay on top of My Craft as A Musician & Be Very Humble in doing so. I originally form interest in the Gospel Music Era' at about 3 or 4 years old and started playing for my first church weekly at the age of 8. As I got older , I Started to expand more into other styles of Music & Way's to make my music more "Intriguing" to any Listener's that I might have.' With Drum's & Percussion being my first Choice of instrument , I later decided to pick up a bit of Keyboard skill just to have more opportunity's to do what I love Musically. Im Just An All Around Keyboardist & Percussionist. Just Perfecting my craft (=_=) . "All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians.~T.S.Monk"~.. 

Updated:  September 24, 2011

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