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Dimi GUY (GUYvoronski) was born in Moscow. There he has started his musical education

at 7 years. Then, after two years in Soviet Army on duty, he moved to Leningrad, where

continued education in Mussorgsky`s musical collage studying classical piano and

jazz & pop. He also studied at St Petersburg conservatory, at Academy of Theatre and

Art of Acting and Theater Production. In 1996 he immigrated to USA, where his career

continued to develop while having the opportunity to perform with many jazz and

rock stars including Dave Brubeck, Johnny Griffin, James Brown, Les McCann, Tom Jones,

Gino Vannelli, Deep Purple and Sam More. He has performed with symphonic orchestras in Philadelphia, Boston and Miami. Dmitri began to perform as a soloist, combining different musical styles and

directions in his shows from classical to jazz to rock and has developed into a unique


Last a few years Dmitri acting in the movies as an actor and performing with his pop

symphonical projects(from classic to rock, classic in rock or rock in classic)

Updated:  August 24, 2016

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