Tariq Khamis Alkhamis Resume

      Tariqkhamis artist singer and writer and composer of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Writes all his work himself, and composes his songs.
Tariq was born in 01/25/1968
In the city of Muharraq
Since his young age he was listening to reggae legend Bob Morley
. Sing Tarek Khamis freedom, war, love and loyalty, honesty and sings about hunger and the poor and the rich and sung for United and for his homeland and all that is beautiful in this life. Tariq Thurs everyone honest and loyal to his friends and frank. Singing artist Tariq Thurs reggae and blues, and jazz Alcantra and the arts, and none of the five east.
Greetings to everyone

Updated:  October 2, 2011

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